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Increase Customer Response Rate

On average, a customer will respond to a text message from their auto repair shop within 3 minutes.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Send and Receive Text Messages.Send and Receive Text Messages

Connect to your customers with our web-based text messaging platform. Provide timely customer service with the ability to send and receive text and photo messages.

Send Important NotificationsSend Customer Offers or Notifications

Sync your existing customers through our Shop Management System integrations to easily send customized text message offers based on service history, vehicle model and more.
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Automated Text Reminders & Follow-up

On average, a customer will respond to a text message from their auto repair shop within 3 minutes.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Appointment RemindersAppointment Reminders

Reduce no-show appointments and cancellations with automated text message alerts that keep track of your customers appointments for them.

Service RecommendationService Recommendation

Send instant text message reminders to let customers know when their vehicle is due for a declined or recommended service.

Email Marketing Simplified

Create an email campaign for your automotive repair shop in minutes.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Professional Email Template DesignsProfessional Email Template Designs

Choose from our suite of design tools and templates to fit the need of your auto repair shop, or create your own with our email template design tool.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Send Important NotificationsSend Important Notifications & Service Reminders

Sync your existing customers through our Shop Management System integrations to easily send customized emails based on service history, vehicle model and more.

Automated Auto Repair Email Marketing CampaignsAutomated Auto Repair Email Marketing Campaigns

With automated emails you can provide specials, prompt reviews and send important service reminders for customers.

Manage Online Reviews

With our auto repair reputation management tool you can easily see how customers rate your shop and service.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Organize All Your Reviews in One PlaceOrganize All Your Reviews in One Place

View and manage all your online reviews in one place. You’ll receive an alert when a customer reviews your shop, and you can even respond to them with our Online Reputation Management for auto repair shops.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Analyze Customer FeedbackAnalyze Customer Feedback

Our review analyzer identifies common phrases and terms in your shop’s online reviews, allowing you to search for and see the key highlights on how your customers feel about their experience.

Request Customer FeedbackRequest Customer Feedback

Send automated texts or emails that request customer feedback and reviews of your auto repair shop.

Stand Out with Auto Repair Direct Mail

Find new customers and contact existing ones with custom postcards and letters for your repair shop.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Professional Template DesignsProfessional Template Designs

Choose from dozens of postcard templates and customize each to fit your auto repair shop.

Send and Receive Text Messages.No Minimum QuantitiesNo Minimum Quantities

Send as many postcards or letters as necessary to fulfill your direct mail needs.

Target New CustomersTarget New Customers

Find new customers with targeted mailing options, including area and demographic data.
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Appointment Management Made Simple

Advanced auto repair scheduling software allows you to effectively manage your calendar. Improve efficiency and decrease down time with connected scheduling.

Send and Receive Text Messages.Optimize Time ManagementOptimize Time Management

Effortlessly manage your auto repair shop’s schedule with our adaptive scheduling and calendar tools. Tailored to the needs of your shop, our tools enable you to handle online customer service requests, schedule services based on technician availability, and more. From start to finish, you’ll have complete control over your shop’s calendar.

Convenient Online SchedulingConvenient Online Scheduling

Save time scheduling appointments by phone with our integrated online scheduling tools.

What Steer Customers Are Saying

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This is the absolute best CRM company we have worked with! I’m so happy with them, their system creates such an easy way for us to communicate with our customers and has helped us get so many more reviews!
Rachel Kosack
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The programs they provide bring in thousands of dollars of sales.
David Anker
rating icon
Really great people that understand how to push a business ethically and honestly. Proper marketing works!
Erich Schmidt
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I love the product. Keeps me in touch with my customers efficiently with follow ups, review requests, and reminders. The platform is intuitive and when I need help the guys at MA are there to help quickly.
Joel Johnson
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Wanna know what really sets this company apart from any other online company, you can always talk to someone quickly or right away. When I get in a panic they are so quick to respond. I couldn't ask for any better customer service. The company is ran like they have 200 employees but when you need something its like they have 2 employees dedicated to helping your needs. You never feel like you are just another client in a pool of other clients. Highly recommended!
Tim Suggs
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Mechanic Advisor has been a great asset to my company. Since starting with them our appointments have grown substantially. Plus it gives us the ability to talk to our customers via text and email! Love this program! And the customer service I have received from the Mechanic Advisor team is phenomenal!
Chris Probst